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News Detail New Product | Albatur M03 SRG 300
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28, 2019
We Offer You Our New Product With Casting Wheel System With Slowdown.

Our New Product M03 SRG 300 70 Kg Adjustable Sliding Door System we offer to your service. The main features that differentiate the M03 SRG 300 from other sliding door systems are that the lower carrier sliding mechanism has a zinc casting body and a wheel diameter of 60 mm.

It has a deceleration mechanism integrated into the rail in opening and closing (both directions) directions. M03 SRG 300 Sliding Door System has specially designed Aluminum frame profile solutions. Frame profile system can be applied from floor to ceiling with glass or mirror applications without the need of additional equipment. The profile system is suitable for use with 10 mm wooden panel and 4 mm glass / mirror. Thanks to the adapter seals, glass applications can be performed in a quiet and safe way.

Our new product is offered with the option of Bright Color Aluminum Profile as its predecessor M03 SRG 100 model. The solution can be produced according to order quantities for special color demands.M03 SRG 300 Sliding Door System 18 mm wooden panel and 3D easy installation video about Aluminum Frame System will be shared with our customers on our website and youtube in a short time.

You can use this link for detailed information about our product. https://www.albaturas.com/tr/urunler/surgu-sistemler/surgu-kapak-sistemleri/m03-srg-300

Our product is offered in Albatur corporate product Color anthracite color. The positive reactions received from Istanbul Intermob Fair regarding the color preference identified with our company were quite pleasing. We will continue to offer different products to our customers by seeking continuous improvement, continuous improvement and innovation in sliding systems. We would like to share with you again that the positive support from our friends and customers is very meaningful and valuable for us.

Hope to see you in innovations ..

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