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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy
Albatur Industry Inc. adopts the environmental policy in all activities it carries out, continuous improvement, effective use of natural resources, full compliance with the law and prevention of pollution, reduction and separation of the wastes generated during its operations at the source, recycling and recycling with the most appropriate methods. Within of this policy;

  • Using the best methods and technologies to minimize environmental impacts by identifying environmental aspects of our operations, identifying the types and harms of impacts,
  • To organize training activities to raise awareness of our employees, suppliers and subcontractors on environmental protection,
  • Selecting as much renewable energy resources as possible, 
  • In order to prevent environmental pollution, it has the duty to follow the legal, international regulations and to continuously improve the environmental performance by adapting to them.
We are supporting to use Eco-Friendly source of energy with our investments.
The World’s most cleanest and eco-friendly source energy is the sun, more then all energy consumed within a year of the World population, its sending energy to earth within a day in very short time.

Taking a advantage of this source energy, we think it is a responsibility for leave a 
livable world for future generations so we are getting electricity from solar energy for our production.