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Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy
Our Company aim is to carry our place full of quality, success and firsts that we have reached in the sectors in which we operate today, together with our Albatur Family Employees and to convey the success of showing human-oriented management at the highest level of our values ​​to our employees, customers and stakeholders.

In this process, our aim is; Our goal is to create an employee profile that uses the synergy within our team, team spirit and resources efficiently by blending the motivation and experience of our employees who have contributed to our efforts with the wishes and productivity of our new employees.

It is essential to subject our employees to effective performance evaluation systems in order to achieve high performance, to ensure that they receive the necessary trainings, to support the situations in which they have achieved superior success within the framework of our values ​​and competencies, exhibited exemplary attitudes and behaviors that contribute to the organization, and help them develop themselves in terms of competencies by drawing development and career maps together. .

Our most important goals are to ensure that our employees see the Human Resources Department as a companion in all processes and to be a Strategic Business Partner to be consulted by our Management and Executives.