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Quality Policy

Quality Policy
The main guarantee of the future and economic development of our company is customer satisfaction. This is also a key factor in our staff employment.
The main elements of guaranteeing customer satisfaction are quality of our company and suppliers. The behavior and professionalism of all our employees is the essence of ensuring the quality of our products.
Long-term success economic development and continuity of the business is achieved only by successful customer relations. Personnel motivation is the company goal. This means giving quality to the company both inside and outside.
Each employee contributes to product quality with his own professionalism and behavior.

Striving to maintain process quality is not enough to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and competitiveness. Our goal is to continuously improve quality.
We strive to be the best by competing with the best. We work side by side with the awareness that other people are important in their work.
We are all experts in our field applications. We work in teams to ensure maximum personal participation to achieve common goals. We consider our suppliers as our partners for contributing to the success of our company. We select the best ones to ensure that they actively participate in the development team of our company in connection. We measure our quality according to customer expectations.

Increasing the value of us compared to our competitors
Reduction of warranty and recall costs
External error factory return rate below 0.2% (2000) ppm
Investing by increasing technical quality production and personnel resources
Increasing individual skills, adopting quality targets of all employees and ensuring participation
Formal dissemination and understanding of quality policies and objectives throughout the company
Introducing customer new products and solutions
Product reliability
It is our policy to target the results of environmental interaction in a far more comprehensive and improved way than acceptable regulatory targets.
Reduction of waste materials
Noise air pollution control
Increasing work safety
Improving working conditions