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Working Conditions

Working Conditions
Our company monitors production and sales processes with ERP software. The general work plan has been defined in the ERP system and thanks to this system, it is implemented as necessary automation.

• VAT is not included in our prices.
• ALBATUR reserves the right to change the price and sales conditions without prior notice.
• Each new price list overrides the previous one.
• Customers who place orders are deemed to have accepted our working conditions.
• Our company is not responsible for typographic errors that may occur in this price list.
• ALBATUR reserves the right to change the design, color and raw material of its products without prior notice.
• The technical measurements given in our product brochure and catalogs may vary after production.
• Any images of the catalog products cannot be used without the written permission of ALBATUR.
• We reserve the right to change the dimensions and quantities of packages, ties, pallets in product packaging.
• Our company has the right not to make single sales for the products that are a part of the system.
• For orders that have not been paid, the prices on the day of shipment are valid.

• Our customer must send their orders to our company in writing or by mail or fax in order to avoid any mistakes. Otherwise, our company is not responsible for any damage and delay.
• Orders are shipped on parcel and bond basis except for special production products. Incoming orders are complemented by vineyard and parcel.
• Delivery plans are regularly prepared one day in advance. Orders received during the day are included in the next day's shipment schedule according to the stock status.
• Raw materials are supplied for products not in stock and included in the production plan.

• You can contact our customer representatives about the current contact information.
• reserves the right not to make new connections due to cost variables 1 month before the publication of the new list or just before the price increase.
• Invoices of our customers whose connections are terminated are issued with dealer discount. This system is followed by the ERP software we use.
• Additional discounts given for the connection are reflected in the invoices issued after the payment of the agreed term / amount to our company.
Economic variables that may occur without receipt of payments are reassessed.
• The purpose of the connection system is to save purchase prices from changing economic conditions as much as possible by making raw material agreements and to collect raw materials.
to share the obtained price advantage with our customers. Therefore, there is no guarantee of price and additional discount for the unpaid connection.

• Orders of our newly opened customers with no shopping limits are priced with a proforma invoice.
Proforma fee is transferred to production after transfer / credit card is received and shipped.
• The balance amount should be collected by the end of the month in our disconnected customers.
• In case the customers we work with as current account (with credit limit) do not close the balance for 60 days, the product cannot be issued.
• Max.90 days check is accepted for our futures.
• Monthly 3% financing difference is applied for the collection overdue.
• Our collections should be made at least half of the amount with the customer checks which are endorsed by our customer.
• Orders that exceed the shopping limit cannot be shipped without collection.
• If the payment of bad checks exceeds 7 days, a monthly difference of 3% is applied.
• In all orders, payment of the order price is a priority act and refrain from paying on the grounds that all or part of the order quantity is not delivered.
can not. Payment may not be subject to any other condition. The cost of the product shipped to the customer is charged.

• The place of delivery of the products is the production facilities in Bursa.
• The shipping cost and responsibility of the orders belong to the customer. ALBATUR cannot be held responsible for any problems during transportation.
• If the shipping company is not specified by the customer, shipments are made with the contracted shipping companies.
• If requested, the products can be insured against the cost on behalf of the customer.
• Our customer must check the missing or damaged condition when receiving the products from the shipping company. If there is a problem with the transport officer at that moment
It should be kept. After the delivery receipt is signed, the transport companies do not make any damages. The customer must claim the damage from the shipping company. Record edited
necessary information on insurance issues in the delivery of missing or damaged products can be obtained from our company upon request.

• Manufacturing defective products are replaced with new ones. Shipping cost is paid by ALBATUR.
• Items on return issues do not include defective products.
• Products produced upon customer's special request are not refundable.
• All parts of our system products are supplied from our company.